May 2004 I arrived in Freising, Germany, and stayed at a student house next to Altenheim (nursing mansion for old people), where eventually we always call it as Altenheim which is very absurd since no old people above 50 years old lives there. Freising is not a big city; even the train ticket counter in Germany generally does not remember the exact city location until they type it in his computer. Despite its size, Freising has been an important city in Germany, particularly for the Bavaria province.

There were only few Indonesian living there….one of them was this smart intelligent guy, who visited me on my second day in this city. We had a long chat which was very weird because I let him stand and did not offer him a chair to sit…., well it was my first time going to Europe and I just realized that I have no contact but one staff at Technical University of Munich during onboard while flying from KLIA, Malaysia to Frankfurt, Germany (calling myself stupid cause I went to Frankfurt to reach Munich where Munich in fact has their own international airport…..), so I was quite surprised when someone from Indonesia came to visit me (but now I fully realized the importance of visiting each other when you are away from your home country). He introduced himself as “Rhino”, a short name for Rhino Mukti.

Only in few weeks he had been making me obsessed with something far beyond my expertise, even actually I was very interested in this field when I was in my high school. It is chemistry, particularly involving the Chemical Engineering. Rhino’s research was about catalysis, which already becomes his desire since his undergraduate study at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), and extended to his postgraduate study at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). As a postgraduate student at Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Garching campus, he conducted research on sorption supervised under quite famous professor in catalysis field, which I forgot his name.. he…he…..

What make amazed at that time;
1. It was my first time visiting a campus with four Noble Prize winners.
2. It was my first time to see and touch an instrument which constructed with a simple formula that I’ve already known and used since high school; it was the formula of PV=nRT.
3. It was my first time to see and also touch liquid nitrogen and its storage.

Beside all of those, Rhino always challenges with a lot of stuff and often we end up with fruitful discussion and debate, even I did not realize that he was two stages above me, he was a postgraduate student, and me…., at that time I even have not finished my undergraduate study and what had been discussed, it is certainly not even my field of expertise….but he succeeded to brainstorm me with Nanoscience and Nanotechnology field, and at that time I definitely would like to change my subject to Chemical Engineering in which it creates a dilemma for me because at the same time I was doing literature study for my thesis in Forest Economics (as it was also rejected by my supervisor in Indonesia due to the level of the study which was too high for me, that topic usually fits in for postgraduate study…he…he…)

Remembering what he challenges me to do….he challenges me to:
1. Compete with him to win Noble Prize
2. Getting married at the age of 23 (I have failed to fulfill this one, because currently I am 25, and still not married)
3. Becoming secretary general of United Nations (UN)

For some people these challenges are ridiculous, but not for us….., I still want to win the Noble Prize and becoming secretary general of UN…., even tough my future achievement may not be linear with its desires..he..he…, the least was…Rhino made me dare enough to have those kind of dreams…

With his profile….which has been; well planned in a professional way…he always finds a detail in everything he does….everything have to be confirmed and precise…, intelligent; he made me stay in the computer room until late at night, and still he continued his works in his room…. I’m sure he will be having a bright career… one of the evidence; currently he is at The University of Tokyo for his Postdoctoral study, and still with his catalyst…..

Rhino is a provocateur in our community in Freising, he was one of them who have made me promise to go back to Europe…and here I am in Europe fulfilling the promise…. and few months ago he suggested me to go to Japan for undertaking the PhD…, another challenge??…..

The funny thing about Rhino is; I always call him Bro’, and he reply calling me Bro’ too…..weird it is, but I guess it is the sign of low profile of him…..

The most important thing I have learnt from him is, do not limit your dreams….those world that you know from the media, books, or website it is not that far…you can be that man who stands in the Nobel prize podium, that man who speak loudly to the whole world and they listen to you, that man who can make changes to how the world is run, that man who once you adore so much……, those man could be you….my friends, my inspirations…………..

(this writing has been edited by Rhino Mukti in the sense of its grammar)


Do you remember the fights between members of Indonesian Representative Council which happened years ago ??, it was so rediculous and some people maybe said its because the culture of Indonesian…..but it was so funny to saw this abroad too, so I guess it was distroying the myths about western is more civilized than Indonesian….

Just see this… a picture from news paper that I saw at the airport…..

Ok, let me know…are all politicians just like them??…cause I’m studying policy, and I don’t want to be like them….he…he….

I don’t care if a lot of people says that I’m still a kid or else due to this video :

its an amazing story and also amazing abality…cool, my GOD….., i will be please to have such kind ability (not the killing part..he..he..)….,and anyhow, the video has a very nice soundtrack….my favs kind of music…..

and from the technical point of view, its also amazing how they can make such a graphic…., I raise my salute to the people of computer science…once I’ve never imagine how typing a keyboard, and clicking a mouse could made such a beautiful graphic, so soft, so real…..

and I am still amaze on how I can see my laptop display, use the keyboard, click the mouse and felt like the world is in my hand… once again…salute to computer gig’s…..

She was somebody from another major in forest faculty of Bogor Agricultural University . We were in the same group for a field practice required by university in order to complete our study. I’ve never knew her before, even in the preparation week I’ve never have a real chat with her. After the preparation week, I went to Malaysia and stay there for about two weeks to attend a convention held by UNEP, so yes I was skipping the field practice for two weeks and replaced it with compiling a preliminary report for a village listed in the villages list for field practice.

Anyhow…… I was joined the group and enjoying the warmth and togetherness of group work, and have a chance to know her better. Who is she??, her name is Yulia Rahma Fitriana, we knew her as Ana…

Ana is a very intelligent girl, passionate, well planned….she was compiling her thesis while we were have no description on what were we going to do for the thesis, she was teaching at Lampung University while we were stressed with our thesis, she always one step ahead from of all of us.

After her graduation its very rare for us to meet, she was in lampung and I was still struggling with my thesis….ffiiiuuuhh….but we always try to meet at least in the occasion of Iedul Fitri, we visited our field practise village and spent one whole day there, even she was in a hurry to go to Jakarta and then to Lampung, back to her duty…, and I was leaving to Germany for a short study as an exchange student…., after that we were never meet again…until one day in the university after I was finishing my study and received at a master program in Europe, I was very happy to hear that she also going to go to Europe for her master study….for me it was very cool to know that I will be having a chance to reunite with someone whose spent almost two months in the same house for the field practise…sharing a lot of fun, stresses, everything…. in some other part of the world and far away from home….

And that’s not all, her passion to keep on going on her academic career made me ashamed of my self when I was loosing the spirit to keep on going. She spent her summer in Japan (Utsunomiya University, Tochigi, Japan) for a field practise and received in the same university for her postgraduate study even long way before she finished her master study which will be finalised with a research in Laos…cool indeed.. What a passion……

Currently she’s studying in Centre National d’Etudes Agronomiques des Régions chaudes (CNEARC), Montpellier, France. And last year she was becoming France Indonesian Student Association president after previously becoming the vice president. She was very active, have meetings in Berlin, The Hague, Paris…., and we were reunited in the last summer when she was visiting The Hague, I was very happy to meet her…and still that’s not all, she write books….oh my goodness…what a great passion……

And few days ago, she made me re-think about phd study….., the life still goes….and so the inspiration from her….my friends, my inspiration……………

Its all began when I’ve already stuck with my thesis proposal, I was trying to find something that could inspire me and give me energy. One of the many things that cross in my mind is instrumental music, I love them a lot….it was started with the work from Mozart, at first I didn’t like the music, but I was only interested on the effect if we listening to such music. They said it could increase your concentration, make you relaxed…. even came to my thoughts on the theoretical system on how classical music could increase you brain productivity.Classical music has good rhythms, at some point it will make your blood run so fast due to the wave resonance delivered to your brain, and in other point, it make your blood flow so slow and relaxed. The intensity of changes in vessel will increase its elasticity and it will be easier for blood cell to run through your vessel when the brain need a lot of oxygen which delivered by the blood cell. Why does brain need oxygen? Just like any other cell, they need oxygen for combusting the nutrition’s brought also by blood cells to be energy in order to do their functions.

Anyhow, back to the instrumental music. After Mozart, I’m starting to admire a lot of other instrumental music, e.g. music’s by Kitaro (which sound creepy), then turn to unusual music like the one brought by Enya. After Enya I was addicted to Canon in D Major by Pachelbel, which used as a soundtrack for a Korean movie titled My Sassy Girl (Korean movie are always amazing, other time I will write something about this). Canon in D Major was a hit, and musicians have already played it with a lot of various music instruments, what I like the most is the Rock version. Well, everything’s is coming back to the objective of finding emotional peace (do I have emotional disorder so I always looking for emotional peace??!!), then few months ago I was starting to look for music arranged by Deep forest, they arranged good indigenous music’s in a modern way. I fell to Deep forest actually due to the video of Matt Harding, who used their music as his video soundtrack (still an amazing video for me, despite the quality of the picture).

Long way after that then I’ve found musician like Michael Nyman, Yanni, Yann Tiersen, etc. at, still with the same reason to find emotional peace. And now I’m addicted to their music, I’ve played their music over and over, more then I’ve played my play lists of Rock Alternative. And I’ve promised my self to put the biography about these kinds of musicians in my blog due to their music, AMAZING music.

Well, enjoy the music’s that I’ve enjoyed a lot……

Michael Nyman – The Heart Ask The Pleasure First

 Yanni – One Man’s Dream

Yann Tiersen – Comptine D’un Autre Ete

its an ordinary video with a low quality picture, its an ordinary idea, based only on having fun and not for commerce…..but it took him to be the most famous person in internet…..and take him to his second trip around the world and sponsored….know him better

Finding this video from a friend post in wordpress, as usually she always challenge me to do a load of things, even she didn’t intend to…., just by seing her writing or chat with her, remind me not to be an ordinary… be crazy…be full of life…..its so what Steve jobs said… Stay foolish…stays hungry….

she’s a friend indeed…thanks mul…